Monday, March 2, 2015

HIM Training Week 4

My view on my trainer, getting used to this sight!
Yay for a recovery week!! Work is slowing down back to normal pace and I was able to take a day off work and not feel bad about it.

M: Rest
T: Run - 5.25 mi on treadmill, Swim - 1200 m
W: Bike - 20 mi
Th: Run - 4 mi
F: Bike - 15 mi, Swim - 1200 m, Weights - 1 hr
S: Run - 12 mi
S: Improptu Rest day - overdid the weights Friday and needed a recovery day, it's recovery week anyway...right?!

Favorite workout of the week: My run on Thursday was glorious, I was able to get done with work at a reasonable time and head out the door. It was cold but sunny and the sun was setting just when I got home. I didn't really push the pace much but ran a respectable 9:30ish average. I am looking forward to more days of this to come!
Technically from Saturday's run, but close enough

Crazy to think my training is already 1/5 of the way completed, 16 more weeks until race day. I checked out a book from the library titled "Swim, Bike, Run - Eat" to help me look at my nutrition side of things in addition to the actual training schedule. If I want to keep doing well as the mileages increase I need to fuel this engine properly.

I need to make a plan for food and put in the effort I take for the physical portion of it. So many people leave this out of their training, I am 100% guilty!! I know as I want to increase my endurance and be able to perform comfortably for long periods of time I need to add some focus on this.

My goals are to begin to focus on my nutrition intake pre and post workout as much as I do for during my workouts. I also am trying to put together a quick body weight and light weights routine for getting some strength in on my bike days.

And I have the most supportive hubby ever, last week on my super long 35 mile trainer ride, he came running out into the room with this lovely sign cheering me on for the last part and came back for the last few miles. Except for the part where he kept upping my gears for the last mile, ugh!
Apparently Google doesn't think it was rotated correctly, don't feel like trying to figure out how to fix this.

Monday, February 23, 2015

HIM Training Weeks 2 & 3

Work - still crazy, check. I am doing my best to have somewhat of a life outside of work and working out. Basically the weekends I try to enjoy life to cram everything since I don't during the week. Did I mention I hope work goes back to normal soon. I have been doing a lot of staring at this picture lately!

Week 2:
M: Bike - 15 mi (missed)
T: Run - 4 mi, Swim - 1200 m
W: Bike - 20 mi
Th: Run - 4 mi, Swim 1200m (missed)
S: 10 mi, 1600 m
S: Bike - 30 mi

Favorite workout of the week: Tuesday night's fun run I had one of my winter warriors show up that I paced and I ran with him throughout since he did not know the route. We killed another run and managed a pace of 9:46 for the 4 miles. I was surprised since race day was only 3 days ago, but it felt amazing!

Week 3:
M: Bike - 20 mi
T: Run - 5 mi, Swim - 1200 m
W: Bike - 20 mi (missed)
Th: Run - 4 mi, Swim 1600 m
S: Run - 8 mi, Swim 1800 m
S: Bike - 35 mi

Favorite workout of the week: Saturday morning the weather was finally in the mid 20's and it was beautiful outside with the sun shining down. My legs were dead tired and I had to drag them through the entire run and I had to short it 2 miles, but I didn't care about time and just enjoyed the winter wonderland.

I have missed a few workouts the past two weeks but if I am perfectly okay with that. I am trying to listen to my body and rest when I need it so I don't burn out. The mileage on the bike has been freaking me out a bit, but I need to just start getting used to my long rides matching my long runs for awhile in time. Biking is probably my weakest of the three sports and it is the longest in terms of time, so my new goal is to not miss any more bikes for awhile.

At least this week is looking up, I have a day off so I can plan to get a few things accomplished around the house then!

Was feeling pretty and needed to get a headshot, love how this turned out!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Race Recap: Seroogy's 15K

Last weekend was the goal race for the Fleet Feet Winter Warrior program. I was excited for race day and I was hoping my group would all have a great race. We lucked out with the weather, this race is notorious for freezing weather, it was 20 degrees with barely any wind and an overcast day. Great for racing conditions and they wanted to run a bit faster than our training pace of 10:30.

This was our group for the winter, and there are probably like 20 people missing from this photo. Some true WI winter warriors!!

We started out a bit fast and I didn't want to a burn out later, so I kept putting reminders out to keep an easy pace to start. The first two miles went by quickly and then we made our turn away from the 5K and we had nice open roadways. I was still surprised with the amount of people that were running this distance though! We got a nice long downhill and I prepared my group to save energy for the uphill coming on our way back. I think we made it to 3 miles before the lead runner was on his way back.

I enjoy this course as it flows down some winding roads and then the turn around is a loop through a park where they station a photographer. Such a beautiful backdrop in the middle of the city. The way back I told my group they were dragging me along for the ride, they were killing it yet and this was the fastest I have had to run yet all year! The mile long uphill went really well and then we were just over a mile from the finish and heading downhill.

I was filled with so much pride at this point, we were averaging under 10:00 min miles and looking strong into the finish! I soaked it all in and just enjoyed these last moments of the program. I had to tell Missy to just go ahead towards the finish, my little legs couldn't keep up and I wanted to see her sprint into the finish.

Tried to make a heart, kinda worked!!

Official Time: 1:31:18
Average Pace: 9:49
Overall 328/486

I totally forgot to get a pic of the chocolate bar you get after the race, but I did wait until the next day to devour it! Super cute shirt this year, but fairly thin for a long sleeve. In the past these have been tech shirts but their shirts never fit well so I am totally ok with this.

Oh yeah, and we had an art teacher in our group so we did shoe prints before one of our last runs. She made a really cool collage of them all and we got to make one for ourselves if we wanted. Turned out so cool!